Films with English Subtitles

Check out our filmagenda for an overview of the feature films that are currently running at Slachtstraat. The films are displayed in their original language with Dutch subtitles unless stated otherwise.


The schedule for our weekly program (Thursday until Wednesday) is announced every Tuesday before 9 AM.


Language No Problem Films with English subtitles

Interested in enjoying films with English subtitles? At Springhaver Theatre you can see the best foreign language films with English subtitles, at our Language No Problem (LNP) screenings. The selection for this program contains must-see films for everyone. As always films from Britain or the US will still be shown in their original language with Dutch subtitles.

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Preview in Springhaver Theatre Every Tuesday in Springhaver and every Wednesday in LHC

Watch every Tuesday in Springhaver (spoken in English or with English subtitles) or every Wednesday in LHC (always with Dutch subtitles) a preview of one of our most anticipated upcoming movies which will later be released in LHC, Springhaver or Slachtstraat.


The films in the Springhaver preview program in Springhaver are always spoken in English or with English subtitles.

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